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Hanny Muggeridge Picture
16438 Carr's Landing Road

Lake Country
British Columbia, Canada
V4V 1C3
Phone Number: (250) 766-1023
Email Address:


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 Hanny came to the Okanagan via The Netherlands where she was born, Ontario where she was raised on the outskirts of Toronto followed by St. John's Newfoundland and Labrador where Hanny, her husband Derek and their two children Karen and Michael lived for 21 years. Since 1993, Hanny and Derek have made Lake Country their home.

While in Newfoundland Hanny worked as a conference organizer and graphic artist for the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Memorial University of Newfoundland, earned a B.Sc. in Earth Sciences from the same university, participated in numerous provincial and national group art shows, won a Canada Council Explorations Grant and had three solo shows.

The Okanagan valley climate, vegetation and landscape bears little resemblance to the East Coast environment so Hanny has been "learning in the field". Discovering the myriad of wild flowers that burst forth each spring has become an annual high point for her. Her watercolours of wild flowers and mushrooms are often called botanical but they vary from the norm by the inclusion of companion plants and items i.e., feathers, bird egg shells or other items from the surroundings. By including found items and companion plants she hopes to convey more information about a plant's size and growing environment. As an added bonus, reading about the historical and current uses of the plants she paints has become a rewarding aspect of her work.

Hanny contributes her original work to the Vernon Art Gallery rental program and art cards to their gift shop.

    • July 2011, "Carr's Landing Art Tour", Lake Country
    • September 2010, "Palm Art Award", international juried show, internet
    • May 2010, "Spring Splash", Lake Country
    • December 2009, "Hanny Muggeridge", Lake Country Municipal Hall
    • November 2009,"Christmas in Carr's Landing Art Show", Lake Country
    • December 1993 - December 2009 (each year), "Members' Exhibition:smallMATTERS", Vernon Art Gallery
    • August 2005 - August 2010 (each year) "Carr's Landing Art Tour", Lake Country
    • May 1995 - May 2008 (each year), "Spring Splash", Lake Country
    • June 2002, "Diggers and Weeders Garden Club", Kelowna garden tour
    • September 2001, "Artwalk", Lake Country
    • August 2001, "North Okanagan Open Juried Show", Vernon Art Gallery
    • October 1999, "4th Annual North Okanagan Open Juried Exhibition", Vernon Art Gallery
    • July 1999, "Mountain Wildflower Festival", Silver Star Mountain Resort, Vernon
    • January 1999, "Hanny Muggeridge", solo show, Outreach Gallery, Vernon
    • September 1997, "Artwalk 97", Kelowna
    • August 1997, "2nd Annual Guisachan Garden Show", juried show, Kelowna
    • August 1996, "North Okanagan Open Juried Show", Vernon Art Gallery
    • November 1995, "Federation of Canadian Artists Juried Show", Gallery of the South Okanagan, Penticton
    • April 1995, "Daler-Rowney Juried Water Media Exhibition", Vancouver
    • September 1989, "Living Nature Vivante", national juried show, Ottawa
    • March 1989, "Arts Victoria", regional juried show, Victoria
    • February 1989, Planned Parenthood fund raiser, St. John's
    • June 1988, "St. John's a Celebration", St. John's
    • May 1988, "Newfoundland and Labrador Day", art auction fund raiser, St. John's
    • October 1987, "Hanny Muggeridge-Shawn Steffler", Emma Butler Gallery, St. John's
    • October 1987, "Living Nature Vivante", national juried show, Ottawa
    • October 1987, "A Celebration of Quilts", national quilt show, Toronto
    • May 1985, "Piece by Piece", Woman's Art Exhibition, St. John's
    • November 1978, "Mushroom", solo show, Annex Gallery, St. John's
    • June 1978, "Some Women Artists of Newfoundland", St. John's
    • February 1976, "Seedling", solo show, St. John's
  • May 2007, "Spring Splash", People's Choice Award, Oyama
  • September 1998, "Ribbon Show", People's Choice Watercolour Award, People's Choice Best of Show Award, Armstrong
  • 1995, Public Art Committee of Lake County Logo Competiton (design is now the official logo for the District of Lake Country)
  • September 1995, "7th Anniversary Ribbon Award Show", 1st place for Watercolour, Armstrong
  • 1987, Canada Council Explorations Grant "Geological/Biological Contact Zone"
  • May 1978, "Arts and Letters Competition", 2nd place prize for Watercolour, St. John's
    1. Collections:
    2. Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
    3. Memorial University of Newfoundland Art Gallery Permanent Collection
    4. Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan
    5. University of Victoria
    6. Many private collections in Canada, the USA and Europe
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